Love Little Moon is an Australian small business dedicated to providing Montessori toys for babies and toddlers. We endeavour to provide Australian families with quality and affordable Montessori toys for all ages to assist learning and development.

How do Montessori toys differ from traditional toys?

Montessori toys usually target one skill. Take the ‘Egg in Cup’ toy for example. The simple goal of this toy is for the baby to learn to remove the egg and place it back in the cup. That’s it. There are no distractions. No flashing lights. No button that tells you how to say a colour, number, and object in 3 different languages is all overwhelming for a small child! All there is a focus on that one goal. And although it may seem boring to an adult, babies tend to love this toy as they keep practising this skill over and over again until they master it. They are educational toys that are designed to help babies and toddlers learn and refine their skills such as fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Can Montessori toys be plastic? Or do they have to be wooden?

Typically Montessori toys are wooden, that’s not to say that plastic is all bad. Plenty of plastic toys can be Montessori. But there are a few reasons why we prefer wood. Firstly, its beauty. Wood is a natural material that babies and adults alike are naturally drawn to. It looks and feels pleasant to touch. In that first year of life, babies are exploring all their senses, so it is important to capture this interest in a toy, we can do this with wooden Montessori toys. Wood is also more durable and so often wooden toys are still in great condition when purchased secondhand. They also make for beautiful toys to hold on to and pass on through siblings in a family and even generations.

Are open-ended toys Montessori?

No. Montessori toys are the exact opposite, or what we call ‘close-ended’ toys. They have a specific purpose – a task or problem that the child needs to work through to solve. These types of toys give children great satisfaction as they learn to master new challenges. They also encourage a high level of concentration as children become engrossed in learning a new skill. And once they eventually solve it, children love repetition, so we find they continue to practice ‘solving it over and over again. The key to selecting a close-ended Montessori toys for a child is to ensure that the toy challenges them in a new skill but is not so tough that they lose interest.

Can Montessori toys be colourful?

Yes and no.
They can be colourful if that colour has a purpose. I can explain it best through the following pictures in the links Alphabet Puzzle and Montessori Alphabet Puzzle. We often see various versions of the toy to the left claiming to be ‘Montessori’. Probably because it's wooden and aims to be educational. But let’s take a look at it. There is so much going on. We have letters, numbers, shapes, and symbols all on one board. How confusing for a child who is just learning this all for the first time! But in terms of colours, there is no meaning behind them (aside from a pretty rainbow order). There is nothing in common between the yellow 7, heart, h, I, and v. Then we take a look at the other toy. They have also used colour but in a more purposeful way. Red represents the consonants and blue represents the vowels. There is also only one area of language that this toy covers – the alphabet.

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Montessori toys embody a philosophy that values hands-on, experiential learning. These educational tools are deliberately designed to engage children in interactive, sensory-rich experiences, encouraging exploration and independent discovery. They are crafted from natural, tactile materials, fostering a deep connection between the child and the toy, promoting fine motor skills and cognitive development. Unlike traditional toys, Montessori toys prioritize open-ended play, allowing children to learn at their own pace through self-directed exploration. This approach cultivates a sense of curiosity, creativity, and autonomy, making Montessori toys a cornerstone for holistic and purposeful early childhood education.

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Wooden Toys

Looking for high-quality wooden toys to stimulate your child's imagination? Look no further than Australia's top destination for these timeless playthings -our wooden toys store. Our extensive selection of wooden toys is crafted from sustainable materials, ensuring your child's toys are not only long-lasting but also earth friendly. Whether you're shopping for classic puzzles, building blocks, or more elaborate playsets, our online wooden toys store has something for every age and stage. Come explore the world of wooden toys and discover why they're a cherished staple in children's playrooms around the world.

Development Toys

Parents today have a plethora of choices when it comes to educational infant toys, development toys, and interactive toys for infants. These toys not only stimulate the newborn's senses but are also designed to aid in the development of cognitive, motor, and sensory skills. Educational newborn toys feature age-appropriate designs such as contrasting colours and shapes to promote visual perception, while interactive toys for infants offer sensory stimulation that encourages tactile exploration and auditory recognition. Development toys that cater to specific milestones such as rolling, crawling, or walking are useful tools to promote muscle development. The wide range of choices in quality educational infant toys ensures that parents can provide their infants with stimulating toys that promote their healthy growth and development.

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Educational Toys

Educational toys, specifically Montessori toys, are ingeniously crafted to promote learning through play. Inspired by Maria Montessori's philosophy, these toys encourage independence and creativity, fostering hands-on exploration. Utilizing natural materials, they stimulate diverse skills such as problem-solving, fine motor skills, and sensory development. These toys effectively nurture concentration, critical thinking, and self-directed learning, holistically fostering a child's growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Montessori Toys Australia

What is Montessori education?

Montessori education is an educational approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori that emphasizes child-led learning, hands-on activities, and fostering independence and self-discovery. It focuses on creating a prepared environment to facilitate holistic development.

What are the benefits of using Montessori toys?

Montessori toys offer hands-on learning, foster independence, and encourage sensory exploration. They focus on real-world skills, promote holistic development, and nurture concentration. These non-battery-powered toys support open-ended play, creativity, and parent-child interaction while minimizing overstimulation. Their individualized nature and use of natural materials contribute to a child's growth and environmental awareness.

Why buy Montessori toys for kids?

Buy Montessori toys for kids to foster independence, hands-on learning, sensory exploration, real-world skills, holistic development, focus, creativity, and environmental awareness. These toys promote individualized learning, reduce overstimulation, and encourage parent-child interaction while aligning with the Montessori philosophy of respectful and personalized education.

Are Montessori toys better?

Absolutely! Combining the Montessori approach with the most recent studies on child psychology has resulted in significantly more advanced and inventive toys than any other everyday toy.

Why are Montessori toys wooden?

Montessori toys are not necessarily wooden, even tough wood is our personal preference. Organic materials, such as our carefully selected woods, are safe and harmless since they contain no dangerous substances. Additionally, they are much more durable than ordinary plastic toys.

What products do you offer?

We offer a wide range of Montessori-inspired products for children, including educational toys, learning materials, and resources designed to support their cognitive, emotional, and physical development.

How to organize toys Montessori way?

Toys should be placed within the child's reaching distance. Occasionally, you should disrupt this order to stimulate your child to put them back where they belong. This will slowly but surely instill a sense of order into your child's mind.

How do I choose the right product for my child's age and development level?

Each product in our store comes with a detailed description, including recommended age groups and developmental goals. You can also filter products by age on our website to find items suitable for your child's stage of development.

Are Montessori toys worth it?

Of course! Think of it as an investment in your child's future rather than an unnecessary expense. Many of the world's most successful people have partaken in Montessori education. Some of them are:

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founders of Google

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, former first lady (John F. Kennedy)

Are your products authentic Montessori materials?

While we strive to offer products inspired by Montessori principles, not all of our items are official Montessori materials. However, they are designed to align with Montessori philosophy and promote similar learning experiences.

What is your shipping policy?

We offer fast and reliable shipping across Australia. Shipping costs and estimated delivery times can be found on our Shipping & Delivery page. Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship to New Zealand and shipping costs are calculated at checkout. We can ship internationally but will need to quote you once you select your items.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you're not happy with your order, please refer to our Returns & Refunds page for information on our return policy and instructions on how to initiate a return.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been processed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email. You can use this number to track the progress of your shipment on our website or the courier's site.

Do you offer gift wrapping services?

Yes, we offer gift wrapping for an additional fee. You can select this option during the checkout process. Our beautifully wrapped gifts make for thoughtful presents that inspire learning and creativity.

How can I contact your customer support?

Our customer support team is here to help! You can reach us through the "Contact Us" page on our website, where you'll find a contact form and our support email. You can also reach out to us through our social media platforms.