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Love Little Moon

Montessori Object Permanence Coin Box

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A Montessori Toy Favourite

Work on fine motor skill development skills whilst building on baby's understanding of object permanence (that something can still be there even when you cant see it!). This is the second stage in the object permanence collection. See Montessori Object Permanence Ball Drop Box for first stage in this series.

This wooden toy box with coins is ideal for babies developing coordination of movement, hand dexterity, and fine motor and concentration skills.

Permanence boxes are suitable for both babies and toddlers, it's an excellent educational Montessori wooden material. These object permanence toys allow your children to apprehend what is not in their visual field. Your baby will discover that the non-visibility of the object is not permanent while having lots of fun!

Suitable from 12 months old.





145 x 145 x 110mm

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